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Ground Water Hydrology

Civil-Ground Water Hydrology

Course Lessons
Chapter 1: Ground Water
1 Introduction : Ground Water (GW) Utilization and Historical Background
2 Ground Water in Hydrologic Cycle (Contd.), Ground Water Budget
3 Ground water Level Fluctuations and Environmental Influence (Contd.) Literature
4 Ground Water :Literature/Data/Internet Sources
5 Occurrence and Movement of Ground Water : Origin and Age of Ground Water
6 Zones of Aeration and Saturation; Aquifers and their characteristics/classification
7 Aquifer Classification (Contd.), Ground water Basins and Springs; Dorcy's Law
8 Determination of Permeability :Heterogeneity and Anisotropy
Chapter 2: Ground Water Flow to Wells
1 General Flow Equations; Ground Water (GW) Flowrates and Flow Directions
2 General Flow Equations; Through Porous Media (Contd.), Dupuit's Assumptions
3 Unconfined Ground Water Flows; Steady Flow into Wells
4 Steady Flow into Wells (Contd.); Unsteady Flow into Wells
5 Unsteady Flow into Wells (Contd.)
6 Unsteady Radial Flow in Confined and Unconfined Aquifers
7 Unsteady Radial Flow in Leaky Aquifers (Contd.); Well Flow Near Aquifer Boundaries
8 Well Flow for Special Conditions; Partially Penetrating Wells; Horizontal Wells
9 Well Completion;Well Development; Well Protection; Well Rehabilitation
10 Well Protection/Rehabilitation/Testing for yield (Contd.); Artificial Ground
Chapter 3: Ground Water Recharge
1 Concept and methods of Artificial Ground Water Recharge
2 Induced Recharge
Chapter 4: Pollution and Quality Analysis of Ground Water
1 Sources of Pollution
2 Ground Water Pollution from Industrial, Agricultural and Miscellaneous Sources
3 Ground Water Pollution from Miscellaneous Sources (Contd.), Attenuation
4 Potential Evaluation of Ground water Pollution; Physical/Chemical/Biological analysis
5 Graphical Representations of Ground Water Quality (Ground Water Salinity and Samples)
6 Graphical Representations of Ground Water Quality (Surface/Sub-Surface)
Chapter 5: Surface-Subsurface Investigation of Ground Water
1 Electrical resistivity (Surface Investigation)
2 Seismic Refraction/Gravity/Magnetic Methods (Sub-Surface Investigation)
3 Geographical/Resistivity (Sub-surface Investigation)
4 Radiation method of logging (Contd.); Temperature/caliper/fluid conductivity/fluid
Chapter 6: Saline Water Intrusion in Aquifers
1 Occurence, Features affecting aquifers
2 Bodon - Ghyben - Hergberg principle (Contd.)
3 Analytical Solution of Saline Water
4 Geochemical Investigations
Chapter 7: Modeling and Management of Ground Water
1 Ground Water Simulation Models, Ground Water
2 Ground Water Management Model : Confined
3 Contaminant Source
4 Aquifer Yield and Ground Water Availability
5 Conjunctive Surface - Subsurface Modeling
6 Ground Water - Surface Water Interaction
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