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Chapter 1: Desktop
1 How to Check Dead Desktop Motherboard
2 How to Check Memory Fault DDR 1 desktop Mother Board Repair
3 LCD Monitor Repair
4 OR Gate
Chapter 2: Laptop
1 Laptop Block diagram
2 How to Identfy Components on Laptop Mother board
3 Laptop Motherboard Repair (Chip Level) How to Check Dead Board
4 Laptop Repair Charging Unit
5 Laptop Repair
6 Online Laptop Training(Chip Level)
7 Power Start Up of Laptop Motherboard
8 How to Check Adapter not Working Laptop Repair (Chip Level)
9 How to Check BATTERY not working Laptop Repair (Chip Level).
10 How to Check DC Jack Short Laptop Repair (Chip Level)
11 How to Check Dead (short) Laptop Motherboard Step by Step
12 How to Check Dead Core i3,i5,i7 Laptop Motherboards
13 How to Check Dead Laptop Motherboard
14 How to Check Memory DDR1 Fault Laptop Repair (Chip Level)
15 How to Check No Display Fault in Laptop Motherboard
16 HP-Compaq Laptop Dead Repair,Troubleshooting,Fault Finding
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