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Principles and Parameters in Natural Language

Humanities - Principles and Parameters in Natural Language

Course Lessons
Chapter 1: Module 1
1 Introduction of the Course
2 What is linguistics? What is Language?
3 Language and Arbitrariness, Language and Dialect
4 E vs I Language, Language as a rule governed system
5 Language Faculty, Language in Human Mind
6 How do we learn language?
7 Language Acquisition
8 Innateness: Some Essential Concepts
9 Structure of Language at the Level of Sounds
10 Sounds (Vocal Apparatus)
Chapter 2: Module 2
1 Places and Manners of Articulation
2 Word Formation/Phonotactic Rules
3 Rules of Word Formation (Singular-Plural)
4 Sentence: An Introduction
5 Making of a Sentence (Components)
6 Grammaticality and Acceptability
7 Subject and Verb in a Sentence
8 Sentence: Objects and Verbs
9 Phrase Structure
10 X-Bar Theory
Chapter 3: Module 3
1 Specifier and Complement
2 Complements and Adjuncts
3 VP Components
4 Categorial Selections, Selectional Restrictions on verbs
5 Thematic Relations
6 Case
7 Morphological and Abstract Case
8 Structural Case
9 Exceptional Case Marking
10 Movement
Chapter 4: Module 4
1 Motivations for Movement
2 Questions and Movement
3 Guest Lecture: Generative Grammar by Professor B. N. Patnaik
4 Passives and NP Movement
5 NP Movement and Raising
6 Binding Theory and NP Interpretations
7 Principles of Binding Theory
8 Constraints on Movements
9 Structure of Language and Negation
10 Negation and Negative Polarity Items
11 Structure, Language, Cognition and Pragmatics
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