Privacy Policy

With this privacy policy, it is aimed to help you understand how and why we collect the information you have given to us while using Dijibil services. This information is important, thus we hope that you will spare time and carefully read them.

The main object of this site and the services therein is to provide you to be registered in and continue the online courses in the site.

How Do We Collect and Use the Information?

No information is requested from you during the site visit. You can visit all the pages that do not require membership without sharing any of your information with us. Your IP and similar technical information are collected in our database the moment you visit our site with statistical purposes. This information is not shared with a third-party institution and/or companies.

Since membership is required to use Dijibil products and services, the information such as your name, surname, e-mail address that we demand from you during membership is registered in our database and your e-mail address is not shared with anyone. Your name and surname informed by you during creating your membership account are shown to other users when you are registered in the courses and/or communicate with other users. You are deemed to have authorized us to show your name to other users when you create your membership account.

We may occasionally ask questions resembling a questionnaire in regard to your personal preferences in order to provide you a more effective service. We use this information later to collect and offer the products and services that will draw your attention.

Dijibil can automatically collect and analyze the information such as IP, browser, browser language, period of time during the use of the products and services. We collect this information as a whole in order to identify and monitor the users and analyze the same by this way.


We know the importance of the children’s privacy. Thus, we do not allow the children under 13 to create user account on the site and we do not receive any information belonging to them. If we detect that any child under 13 becomes the member of the site, we close this account by informing the account owner and completely delete the recorded data. The users from 13 to 18 can register in the courses, make payments and receive online educations only under the custody of their legal guardians.

Information Safety

Safety of your personal information is important for us, thus we take technological and operational measures to save your personal information. Safety measures such as firewall, additional safety algorithms and secure socket layer (SSL) are used to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information. Dijibil guarantees that these measures will never be exceeded and your personal identity information will not be used with malicious unauthorized access.

Dijibil is not responsible for the unauthorized use of your information that you have published or made open to public in another way by the third parties.

Connections (link, button, etc.) to the third-party (external websites) websites can be available in the courses and other site products and services. Your activity, information entry or other processes that you have made in the third-party website when you click the connections and visit these sites are not approved by Dijibil. You are deemed to have accepted not to consider Dijibil responsible for the contents of such websites.

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