Terms of Use

1. Introduction.

Welcome and we thank you for showing interest in Dijibil (that is engaged in www.dijibil.com web address).

This agreement includes the terms necessary to be obeyed in regard to the direct or indirect use of software, mobile applications, services and all the materials (“products”, “courses”, “support”, “service”) present in the site of your company or the company you represent (“you” or “your”) and Dijibil. (“us”, “our”, “company”, “Dijibil”).

When you use any of our service or become our member by pressing the “Create Account” button, you are deemed to have accepted all these terms in advance that are formed suitably to your approval and as completely clear articles. If you do not want to accept the terms, do not create your membership account.

1.1 The legal agreement between Dijibil and you is composed of the conditions and terms stated in this document, Dijibil Privacy Policy terms on which all your personal information that you have sent for the product or site use is dependent (http://www.dijibil.com.tr/pages/privacy-policy), and as mentioned below if you are an instructor, Instructor Agreement (http://www.dijibil.com/pages/instructor-agreement) (as a whole, they will be mentioned as the “Terms”).

1.2 If you are an instructor and in case of a conflict between these terms and the instructor agreement terms, you are deemed to be subject to the Instructor Agreement.

1.3 The terms constitute a binding agreement legally between you and Dijibil in regard to your use of the Service. It is recommended that you spare time and read these terms.

2. Definitions

Services allow the students (“Students”) to communicate with the independent instructors providing live and recorded lessons (“Courses”), private lesson and educational service in our registered classes. The parties giving and receiving education are mentioned as “User”.

If you become user, you are deemed to have accepted all the terms; but if you are not of an age to make a binding agreement legally or if you are legally forbidden to receive or use the Service according to the laws of the country in which you live or use the Service or you have access to the Service or if you are a person restricted due to legal reasons, you shall not use the service and accept the terms.

Dijibil is a website that brings only the instructors and the students together attending the courses that the instructors provide for a fee and/or for free. The instructors are not the salaried employees that Dijibil employs.

3. Amendments of the Terms

Dijibil reserves the right to occasionally make amendment in the Terms in order to include the changes made in the legal regulations or in the functions offered within the scope of the Service. You should control the Terms regularly in order to control whether there is any change.

3.2 The changes will be notified to you as a notification on www.dijibil.com and will be published on the relevant amendment page.

3.3 If you do not accept these new amendments, you should give up being a user and should not use the services.

3.3 In case you continue to use the service as of the date of amendment, you are deemed to have accepted these amendments and are also subject to the amended terms.

4. Rights and Liabilities

It is necessary to create a user account with the user name and password in order to be able to use all the products and services of the company. You are responsible for not sharing your account information and for maintaining its privacy.

In case of acting inconveniently to all these terms that are determined by the company and accepted by you, the company can suspend, delete your account without informing you and apply to competent authorities to begin legal action for you if necessary.

User account is special to you and you cannot assign it to anyone.

You are responsible for the wrong use of the products and services.

The company can remove any product or service from the broadcast without showing any reason at any time. It does not make a commitment for lifetime access to any product or service.

If you make a payment for the services removed from the broadcasting, refund conditions to take this payment back will be valid.

In case you are dissatisfied with the service you bought within 30 days as of the day you made the payment, Dijibil undertakes to pay all the money you paid back. In refund processes, repayment conditions will be valid.

You are completely responsible for the telephone charges, data charges and/or other charges that may occur during the access to the services and for supplying the computer equipment and other equipment you will use for this access.

When you choose a paid service, you are deemed to have accepted to pay all the taxes to be incurred from this service.

You are deemed to have declared and accepted to be authorized to give the information when you enter the bank card / credit card information into the relevant areas in order to pay the price for the service. By this way, you are deemed to have authorized the Company to collect the payments regularly from your bank card / credit card in regard to the due fees.

If your payment method is unsuccessful or your account payment is delayed when you prefer a paid service, we can make collection by using other collection mechanisms (including collection through other payment methods recorded in our site, collecting agent and/or charging a legal adviser).

In case of your delayed payment, we can block your access to the relevant service and/or any service.

All the use, access and your activities related to the Site and Products should correspond to all the laws and regulations including but not limited to privacy and personal identity regulations related to copyright and other intellectual property use. In regard to your Product and Site use, it is forbidden to give wrong information or information including intentional mistake; make copying, distribution, change, reverse engineering, forgery, defamation, breach, and hacking actions or interfere with the Products or Site operation; show the Products within framework or place them in your site; assume another’s identity or have an access to the account of another person in an unauthorized manner; send any virus, worm, spyware or a computer code, file or program in order to damage or take over any hardware, software or telecommunication devices or other aspect of the Site Products or operation; use copying, spider, robot or another automatic means to access to the products.

The instructors are completely responsible for and in charge of the interaction between them and their customers, students.

We are not responsible for any disagreement or inconvenience and/or damages such as conflict, claim, loss, and injury that may occur or be related to the behavior of the instructors and students.

The content of the courses published in the site is prepared not by us but by the instructors. We are not responsible for the conditions that you may be exposed to due to nonconformity of the content, the violence it may contain, and the content itself, content safety, validity and/or accuracy. The Company is not responsible for protecting you from these contents legally.

Third party web site connections may have been shared in the service and contents. The Company does not approve and control any of these sites. Thus, it does not take any responsibility related to these sites. It is necessary for you to protect your personal information and privacy when you visit the relevant sites by clicking the connections.

It is completely your responsibility to know and obey the relevant laws, regulations and rules in the use of the services.

You are responsible for all the risks that may appear from the communication between you and the instructor and all the other users.

5. Liabilities Specific to the Instructors

To be an instructor, you should send your request for being an instructor from the relevant area in your profile. Until this request is received by us, you are accepted as our user in student status and you are subject to the conditions dependent thereon.

You are completely subject to the confirmation of the company’s initiative for the education you will provide and for your membership.

You are responsible for the restrictive conditions such as copyright, license and authority of the hardware, software, images, videos, sounds and all other materials that you will use during the education.

The content sent by you shall not bear any hate speech, improper, aggressive, racist, gendered, pornographic, derogatory action and/or slander quality and you are deemed to have accepted and undertaken that necessary action be taken in regard to stopping your membership and initiating legal actions for you in such a case.

You shall not use our products and/or services except for providing private lesson, education and teaching service.

You shall not engage in activities that require the company to take a license from any third party or to pay the copyright and you shall not make such a request from the company.

You shall by no means interfere with the other instructors and hider their course and presentations.

You undertake that you will update and confirm all your information.

You should be over 18 or if you are between the ages of 13 and 17, your parents or legal guardian are deemed to have accepted and undertaken these terms and all other liabilities for you.

You are responsible for answering the questions of the students about the educations you provide. You are deemed to have accepted to answer the questions of your students within 24 hours as required by the quality policy of the company. You are deemed to have accepted to being warned, suspension of your educations and cancel of your instructorship in case of failures.

You shall not use any negative expressions such as derogatory, defamatory, hateful, racist, separatist, gendered, abusive contents, be disrespectful to the beliefs and interfere with the personal rights and freedoms in your communication with the students and other instructors and in the contrary case, you are deemed to have accepted that your membership and all other rights will be cancelled by taking legal action based on the laws.

Besides your position as an instructor, you can also be a student in another course. Instructor terms and agreement will be valid in the cases related to the courses in which you are the instructor. Other conditions are valid for all other circumstances.

6. Liabilities Specific to the Students

Some contents and service in the site may be subject to a fee. You have accepted and undertaken that you have read and understood the articles stated in the wages policy below and the liabilities that may be incurred from these articles.

You should be over 18 or use the product and services under the custody of your legal guardian. The children under 13 shall not create account, be registered in or buy the courses.

You shall not share, publish or implicate any hate speech, gendered, racist, offensive, abusive, pornographic or any improper content in your communication with other users or in your all other shares.

You shall not use, copy and publish any visual, audio and written material that the courses you have attended contain for any other purpose in any other common area except for www.dijibil.com .

You shall not share your personal information with the instructors and other users. Any type of risk that may occur in case you share them belongs to you.

You shall by no means demand the personal information from the instructors and all other users.

7. Repayment Conditions

The fee you paid for the course will be paid back unconditionally if the date of your payment for a course removed from broadcasting is 30 days before the removal date.

In case you are dissatisfied with the course you bought, you can demand repayment within 30 days as of the date of buying the course. Within 30 days, all the money you paid is unconditionally paid back to you. No refund process can be performed in case 30 days have passed as of the date of buying the course.

8. Copyright, License and Trademarks

All the responsibility that will require copyright such as software, logo, lyrics, composition, film, series, play, video sections or the whole vide, art bit, photograph, and graphic design that the users use in the contents they published belongs to them.

Brand, logo and company names included in the product and services published within the site belong to us, our supplier or the third-party companies.

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